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Anime Booooostoonn + NEW CLEAR CHARMS!!! :D SO

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 7:00 PM

Animu Boston

Guess what chicken butts? I'm gonna be at Anime Boston this weekend! I'll be like two hours late on friday but i'll be there so if you're coming COME SAY HIIIII I love meeting people : )))

I AM GOING TO EAT SO MUCH FOOD cause i'm bringing my boyfriend with me (it's his old college town) and i'm gonna make him deliver food to me >:3

Status Update

I hope people have been enjoying the art cons have made me do recently LOL, i have already started another picture that is a parody of The Kiss by Klimt except with link and zelda, it's on my tumblr but i expect i'll be here in a week or two mwaaha.

Hope everyone continues to do well, i miss being more active here but the less art i have time to post the less journals i want to post because i'm pretty sure it's annoying to see more journals from an artist than art LOL. it's my fault, i should be doing more art really. thank you for sticking with me and supporting me for those who've stayed!

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Pre-Order Operation Requiem, SNK Charity Artbook!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 4:21 AM

Operation Requiem

If you didn't know already Operation-Requiem has finally opened pre-orders for their art book, Click here to pre-order a book for yourself! I heard they are running very low on the higher tiers of preorders already haha. 

100% of the profit goes to Charity: Water which helps people all around the world have access to safe drinking water. A very important cause! So buy a book, donate to an important need and acquire an awesome artbook full of amaaazing artists. 

The full artist list can be found here 

There are a good number of ~popular~ and ~skilled~ artists on that list and this is a good chance to get a compilation of their un released SNK art work :O!

If you've already forgotten, here's my picture preview!
Operation: Requiem [SNK Charity Artbook] Preview by Shattered-Earth


See you guys later, I saw some of you at Katsucon this past February and I will be heading to Anime Boston in a few weeks. I will post a map to where i am soon, Table W101 for those extra curious!

I'm also working on a Twitch Plays Pokemon print right now so that'll be finished by sunday too 83

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The game i'm working on is finally out! :O + more

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 6:47 PM


So I already mentioned i've been kinda butt busy because of my job and conventions, well the game my work has been making is finally out on Steam Early Access, you can check it out there! 

Early Access means the game is still in an pre-alpha/alpha stage, meaning the game isn't finished and there are defintely some bugs. The UI is kinda poopy for example, but the heart of the game is still there. And yet there's still so much more to add @_@, like better combat and berry breeding! 

Still, I really hope people will check it out and see what's been sucking up all my time XD. I think it's a really cutie/addictive game @_@, I hope we'll be able to add all the content we want soon! The next big update is in february ahhhh. 

Here's some joke "fanart" i made for it too (ON MY OWN TIME, not affiliated with my company), just making fun of other game ads. ads that we would never ever use seriously. 
I'm so glad that's not the direction we are taking LOL! Those captains are in the game though, with more clothing and obviously non ridiculous poses XD. 

If you had any questions about the game totally ask too :)

THANKS for all the Birthday Wishes!

I feel bad because I'm just not around that much, I apologize if you feel like I suck for not replying to your comments but I am about to go do that right now TuTTTT Thank you to everyone who posted a birthday greeting!


I forgot what else I was going to write ahh crud, I guess that um, i dO post more sketches and stuff on my tumblr so if you had a tumblr and wanted to keep up with my shenanigans more frequently do be sure to follow that. Otherwise I have like 2 posters i'm finishing up hopefully before the end of the month that I need to upload :O

Catch you guys later, if i remember what the heck i was supposed to post in the first place... @_@

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Cyber Monday Sale! 20% off all orders + more!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 1, 2013, 2:52 PM

Cyber Monday!

Heyo just.. dropping in after a busy holiday to announce a holiday sale for anyone interested on DA!

So use the code CYBEROFF for 20% off your entire order, and if you live in the USA you get free shipping if your order is $30 or more :D

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season no matter how they celebrate. As for me.. I need to get back to work. I am so sorry I haven't been replying to comments ahhh /crud\. If you need to reach me for whatever reason I will always be on skype and such so you know how to get me if you need to *sorry ah*

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Apologies for no 30 Character Challenge event!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 8:46 AM

30 Characters in 30 Days

Ahh I totally forgot I usually run a november 30 characters in 30 days challenge D: But if you couldn't tell from my inactivity i've been kind of busy and totally forgot to plan it this year! :(

This weekend we flew to LA for a wedding, but it turned into cray cray if you didn't see about the shooter on friday, the same day we were flying in. We just got our plans all jumbled up but still went to the wedding, came back in time last night to try and sign up for sakuracon, and then this thursday we're moving to a new apartment so there's a lot of packing and then unpacking to be done basically D: I would have done a really bad job of running the even if i tried to again this year.

I still want to remind people though that November is both Nanowrimo and the 30 character challenge for us visual artists! I highly encourage you guys to draw 30 new characters this month to stretch your artistic and creative musles! Try NEW things, experiment and take it has a great chance to explore diversity and variety!

The hallmark of a successful artist is discipline, if you've been slacking of your daily practice this is your chance to get back on the horse so to say, okay? We'll all try together!

I'm posting mine on my tumblr and if i succeed i'll do a compilation at the end of the month!

If you are participating as well, let me know :)! If you succeed, let me know too! I want to reward people but it might just be a feature at the end of november, but I can't feature people i don't know they're participating :D

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New Pokemon Incoming...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 11, 2013, 8:45 PM

Pokemon XY

 I'm sitting here waiting for midnight so i can rush to the eshop to download pokemon. I was going to get it via Amazon but their delivery date wasn't till the 17th even with prime shipping so i was like.. wow eff that >_>. Just gonna get it online midnight release. CAN NOT WAAAITTT. Only 15 minutes left, and then however long it takes to download!

I'm gonna pick the darker skin toned girl with dark eyes and then change my hair color asap to something fun and ahh and pick froakie and ahh just yea.. i may not sleep until i pass out from poke-exhaustion lmao.

oh MAN i wonder if i can transfer my pokerus'd pokemon ASAP and be hella OP!

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Woah I'm a star now? Back from AWA and Store Open!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 1, 2013, 6:28 PM

New Icons

Woah weird, I'm not a = anymore but a star? Haha.. this is going to take some getting used to o_O

Back from AWA

I'm back from AWA! I had a great time there with some usual pals and met some new friends as well :DDDDD. I also met some DA users that i've been waiting to meet for over a year now cause I never got to go to AWA before, and i just had some great ass AWA feels with some really sweet people, really glad I went! Well there was that terrifying cab ride that me and finni though we were gonna die on but it was fixed with gratuitous amounts of delicious food thankfully TnT (seriously holy shit that was scary wow wowow)

And now that my last con of the year is over..

The Store is open again!

If you saw things at a con this summer that you couldn't get, now's your chance!

And lots more in the store too, so like.. there it is LOL. 

Hope to see more art soon since there's no more cons but more work work and some commissions i hope to wrap up soon D:!

OH forgot, the kiriban was also caught! Congrats to @Runawynd! Next Kiriban will be hmm.. mm.. 166,666? Good luck!

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AWA this weekend, table location + Kiriban soon

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 24, 2013, 1:39 PM


I'm going to be at AWA for the first time :D, atlanta for the first time actually. I'm actually pretty excited since I wrote a long paper about atlanta many years ago and being there will be cool, even if only on the outskirts LOL

Anywah some people have asked me for my location in the alley so here it is, C-03!

And i'll be selling these cuties in addition to my prints and buttons

 Because AWA has a 50/50 rule, i will not be able to bring all my buttons and prints to the convention. If you wanted something specific from me of my existing art/prints please leave me a message so i'll bring it or bring a copy for you, otherwise i might just not have it, i'm not sure at this moment~


Lastly the next kiriban is soon, i believe. I haven't drawn the last one yet but i will gah, once cons are over @_@

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AnimeUSA this weekend, AWA in two weeks!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 11, 2013, 6:37 PM

Ack I almost forgot to post this here, but i'll be at AnimeUSA in washington DC this weekend! TABLE #35! Come say hi :)

In addition to the prints i normally bring I'll also have ACNL buttons:

And lastly, i will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta two weeks from now. I know some people have asked me in the past if i would ever go to AWA and i said i didn't know... well now i am LOL 

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Urgh Sorry for being deadddd...

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 6:55 AM


I feel like I've been avoiding devianart because I have no new art to post and I hate seeing all those comments I haven't replied to yet. Just sat down and replied to them all LOL, or most of them anyway. Sorry if I missed you. 

It's not that I've not been drawing, it's just mostly drawing for the game, which idk if people want to see? They get posted on facebook every week though, it's not my usual style so i don't post them here. 

Basically when I'm done drawing for the day for work, I want to relax with my boyfriend whom i don't see all day, and eat and play games or watch anime with him, which puts less time for commissions that i have to get done, and then even less time to get art for myself done XD. Still i know i could if i wanted to.. cause if you WANT to do something you'll MAKE TIME for it. But there's just not much WANT to do it when i have all these other art things i have to do, right? Make sense? 

I just hope i don't stagnate. 

There's been other real world stressors too, we might be moving in a few months (due to some issues that .. ugh i don't even want to go into again) and I still have two cons in September. Always chewing at the back of my mind. I'm the type of person that can't fully relax unless there's nothing to do in the back of my mind, but now there always is something to worry and fret over. It makes doing things like art for myself hard, because I know I can use that time on something else, idk idk. It's just.. yea.  Sorry for not posting art lately. 

/o\ idkkkkkkkkk I just hope people support the game when it comes out so I can justify everything i've given up. 

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 9:02 PM


I'm pretty sure i packed it, and into a pocket of my luggage i didn't touch at all the whole weekend at AX! BUT when i got my bag at SFO the pocket was slightly open for some reason (fault zipper? tsa? just caught on something?) and this morning when I was going to get some work done I could not find the pen, i turned my luggage inside out and my bags etc. No dice.

The real kicker is my tablet is SO OLD they do not make compatible pens anymore LOL. I have an extra at home in maryland but there's no way to mail it to me in a reasonable period of time so instead i decided to... buy an intuos 5! LOL

It was actually not as expensive as i thought it would be? And I've yet to try a cintiq so i'm not really craving for one. That and like, my tablet was REALLY old, the reason they don't make pens compatible with the graphire 4 anymore is because they only have 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. The LOWEST END bamboo tablet now has 1024 levels. 

TuT thats what made me think it's about time..  I'll still use the graphire as a travel table though because it still works! I just needed something to work on NOW while i'm away or i'll be wasting time >_<. 

AX Over!

Welp other than that I just got to SF from AX, the con itself was mostly uneventful (and wow the worst con of 2013 easily lmao), the best parts were the art trades that i will pimp in the future (WOW AMAZING ART THAT I HAVE NOW AND PEOPLE LIKED MY ART ENOUGH TO TRADE WHAT?) , and meeting boat loads of people I knew for years over the internet IN REAL LIFE! WOOH! ALSO FOOD


Okay I'm done, no cons till september, wooh wooh~ i loved reading your comments on my ipod in bed during the con and i will have to reply to them soon :)

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Schedule Art Posts + AX This weekend, Table B12!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 2, 2013, 7:27 PM

Scheduled Art

Since DA has FINALLY made a scheduling/queuing feature i've scheduled a bunch of art from the game i'm working on to post through out the week while i'm gone at AX. 

I super duper uber apologize for not replying to any comments lately, they're just so intimindating. I'm going to try and clear out my comments right after i submit this journal so i'll have a blank slate at least XD! 


Here's where i'll beeeee:
Click to enlarge!
I'll have all my regular prints as well as some new ones. The Fiend print, the legion print basically. 

Please please please please stop by if your'e going i LOVE meeting watchers and followers, and this is the only california convention i will be at for a long while! :O

I hope i'll see you then!

After AX, San Francisco!

Yup going home for a week to visit my parents and friends afterwards. I think i have enough pet art to schedule even into that though so it'll still feel like i'm around even if i'm not ;D~ 

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More art coming tonight, AX in 2 weeks! and BUTTS

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 24, 2013, 1:28 PM


Thanks to a blessed game called animal crossing i've not been doing prints for cons as quickly as i 'd hoped LOL, so i only managed to get one more out, it's schedule to upload tonight at 7pm : ) The style is... different, was interesting to try so i hope people like it when they see it 


Barring any last minute changes i will be at table B12! I i'll post a map next week but for those of you in the LA area going to AX, this is the only con I will be doing this year in California so hope you'll find the time to drop by and say hi X3


Lastly I just wanted to say if you aren't already following SenshiStock in any capacity, which i doubt since i think she's like.. the most famous stock person on DA omg, please do check out her kickstarter, for which i was   tapped to do a butt button for. That's right, your favorite stock artist's BUTT on a button. Check it out, i actually got to flip through the book IRL at ACEN and it was baller, sooo so many photos @_@. 

Okay that's all really, i just wanted to make sure this front page was tidy and my 3DS FC wasn't just sitting around hahaha. Though if you would like to be friends and haven't yet just check out my previous journal : ), especially looking for people who keep their AC gates open!

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf FC Exchange?

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 8:47 AM

Animal Crossing

I think a bunch of people asked me at cons if I was getting New Leaf and I was like ehhh idk idk and being all iffy about it. Well guess what, i actually sat down and read what was new and i bought it instantly WOOPS. HAHA now i'm like a few days late / behind everyone else. Welp if you ever wanted to play a game with me online, My FC is: 3566-1554-8747! Leave yours! </span>

I'm on east coast time so I can open my town in the mornings for west coasters if they need to sell things. Or you can come to my town to get rare fish earlier since sharks appear past 4pm and my town will be 3 hours ahead, etc.

My fruit is just growing in but at this moment I have all the fruits planted in my town already, other than bananas and persimmons, d'oh. I'm also in need of axes, yes many axes.. and a slingshot.. sigh they made unlocking things in this game way too slow. 

Most importantly the more people we know who play the more turnip prices we have! When there's a spike we should let each other know to sell in each others town :) We could just exchange IM handles if you want to arrange a time to chill and go island hunting. 

Weekly Hangout?

Would anyone be interested in having a set time every week in the evening to do island hang outs? I would be open to arrange something, like for example tuesdays at 8-9pm EST (5-6pm PST) or something like that. Preferred times? 

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Finally.. finished.. for now o@

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 6:23 PM


SERIOUSLY LOOK at this awful picture i took of all the art look i got at anime next LOL
But okay seriously, got the most freaking loot EVER, i just had to share. This was finally my last of my cons till AX, and i got so many posters @_@. Me and endy totally fangirled all over dCTb and bought his spiritual state korra print before the artist alley was even open LOL, i brought chiou over too to get it cause it was pretty obvious to us that he was going to sell out before the end of the convention LOL. Later I got some free prints from a lady that took over the table next to chiou (where was hellochinguu??? she never showed up??? I'm worried!), I didn't get a business card though but she was supposedly in the dealers and in AA, it's the railgun pic & the one under it and the two homuras i got for my boyfriend~ so nice~ I also got that amazing keep calm and LEMONGRAAABB from umm hm i guess the gay breakfast studio LOL. picked up the SNK trio from endy, and precious mikasa & saya from doomfest who was sitting with ricegnat + emi, frrrroomm whommm i got the two ferris wheel prints hahaha oh my, i don't ship them but isn't their art wonderful? Also such a nice bunch, they flattered me and chiou too much HAHAHA ahh my head it's too big now TuT. 

The bottom prints, at least and definitely not least were from krazeh and shauna who were my totally jawsome roomies! They arranged all the hotel stuff and made sure i had a place to crash and not die and all that important stuff :D agguuu *flaps arms in their direction* Man east coast vets. 

I hope i've properly given credit where i could, if someone recognizes the railgun @ homura prints please let me know! 

Anime next in general

Man this con.. this connn.. idk man, there were a lot of weird problems that i know people complained about before + seemingly new problems that make me not want to come back. The whole next to the concert with nothing but a curtain issue, the fact that the organization was really bad (THE EXIT AND ENTRANCE WERE FLIPPED ON THE MAP!), the fact that the aisles were mega super crowded affording barely any browsing space as well as the space behind table being crowded. It really annoys me when other sellers see the island space as their own. You don't own all that space, and you certainly shouldn't make people take away our island trash can because you have so much stuff :/ not cool, not cool guys. The attendees were really ... iffy too .. I don't describe them in this journal but if you talk to me regularly outside of DA comments you'll probably hear me whine later, just completely completely inappropriate comments were made regarding my work to my face. Totally not cool, and never had that at other cons.

On the other hand though, i had some really incredibly sweet interactions with people. I saw a jaw dropping monoko cosplay with all her arms! I saw someone make their friend so happy they started to cry! I had people thank me for making some kind of shin sekai yori (from the new world) merchandise (god i want to make a print so bad but no one ever knows it???) I HAD SOMEONE BUY 5 GARRUS BUTT PINS TO HIDE AROUND THEIR FRIENDS HOUSE??!?!?!? I had amazing artists say my art was good??? wtf?? no stop please LOL. I got to see my east coast artist buddies again~ I mean the entire weekend as a whole was definitely a positive experience!! don't get me wrong there! I am just disappointed at the few that tried to rain on the fun parade, and it's hard to forget negative experiences you know? Still all the positive interactions made the trip worth it and god.. FIVE GARRUS BUTTS WAITING FOR SOMEONE OUT THEIR LOL

Finally some rest, more art!

Now that i have 3 weeks till anime expo, I can finally get a fucking BREAK, post some old art i haven't been able to, and posting new art hopefully! Wish me luck in GETTING SHiT DONE. Gotta play backlog of games too UGH. REMEMBER ME. THE LAST OF US. ANIMAL CROSSING NEW LEAF?? LAYTON? MYSTERY DUNGEON? (WHY SO MANY GAMES I THOUGHT SUMMERS WERE SLOW)

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Last of 4 cons in a row!!! ANIME NEXT! AHSLIRZDLVN

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 4, 2013, 1:28 PM

Good bye Dallas, Texas!

I'm back from A-kon in texas! WOW! That was the first time i've ever been in texas, it was hottt and humid! The rooms were huge XD, everyone was nice and i got some customers that said things like "thank you kindly", is it wrong to think that's so cute? I also got to meet long time deviant art friends Riicreations and TheVioletFox AIEEE! I'm sorry I didn't really get to hang out with people, the con just went on for so long and by the end we're just so tired making plans other than going back to the hotel room to lie down was tough ToT. Especially since the artist alley was SOOOOOO COOOOOLLLLLD, i must have expended all my energy just not freezing to death XDDD

I had a great time though, both at con and at the hotel, filled with wonderful peeps like finni, korilin, neneno, iamacoyfish, 021, and haku uguu uuu and got to see people again i saw at earlier cons like chiou from whom i jacked two charms and never gave any prints HAHAHA BUT ITS OKAY CAUSE I'LL SEE HER AT...


AW YISS! gonna be an anime next this weekend in somerset, new jersey! COME SAY HIII!!!!

I'll have my new attack on titan print now :D And plenty of mordins to go around wheee.. FINALLY THE LAST CON OF 4 CONS IN A ROW OMFG! Gonna be so freaking tired but so happy that i had so much fun and met so many people!

Though i shouldn't celebrate too soon, still AX in July >_>.. i want to get at least one or two new prints for AX so watch out for art, possible..  >_>

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New Print in the Works (YES ART!) + Post AB + AKON

Journal Entry: Tue May 28, 2013, 6:39 AM

Attack on Titan

I think Attack on Titan has proven it's popularity this past Anime Boston so I can justfiy working on a print for it O: I'm gonna upload the wip stuff tonight because I know i've been starving this account of art. I've been following Shingeki no Kyojin / SNK / Attack on Titan since it was a manga and I've liked it a lot but drawing new anime has always been risky for cons. I haven't done much psyho pass art or shin sekai yori (From the new world) art because i know they aren't that popular, and may never be. But it looks like Attack on Titan is exploding THANKFULLY SO I CAN DRAW ART FOR IT YESSssSssSs. If i didn't have my full time job commitment  you know i'd draw more art in general but I don't have the luxury right now D: SO YEA LOOK FORWARD TO NEW ACTUAL ART, even if it's just one print.

I'm going to TRY and get it done by wednesday night but we'll see, maybe I might even stream it.. NUDGE NUDGE

Post Anime Boston

WOW ANIME BOSTON WAS HELLA BALLER OKAY. Sales were amazing, free wifi was amazing, THE PEOPLE WERE AMAZING. Most people anyway, PEOPLE WHO TRY TO TAKE PICTURES WITHOUT ASKING ARE NOT AMAZING. ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF ME LIKE A FREAKING CREEPER WITHOUT ASKING! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! If you want a picture of the artist or the print PLEASE ASK! most of us will say yes! Or we'll say you can find a better resolution image on our sites which is better than a picture anyway. Please do not be the creeper that tries to secretly use their cellphone to take pictures of things and getting caught, guys. Not. Cool!

But otherwise holy shit yes, AB was so baller i met so many people @_@, was sitting next to enduro and daggerhime, with loads of awesome artists near me and around the alley. I am also pleased with my artist loot, mwahaha. *hugs my precious Journey pouch from endy* ToT. AND I GOT TO MEET MORE PEOPLE WHO KNEW ME FROM TUMBLR/DEVIANTART???? I GOT MY FIRST REQUEST FOR A PHOTO WITH A PERSON WHO LIKED MY ART BEFORE THE CON??? GOSHHHH *////////* FOREVER THANKFUL FOR PEEPS LIKING MY ART /o\  SOB


I will be at AKON THIS COMING WEEKEND!!! I can't tell you where because the map is entirely unhelpful, I'll either be on island G as listed or Island C near the top because I MIGHT be switching with someone. I will update this ASAP when i know whats going on! Can't wait to meet even more people. I am at table G17, right across from thhe registration tables! Can't miss me

AM I GOING TO BURN OUT SOON FROM CONS? Who knows, this will be my third in a row, and Anext to round up 4 in a row and then i can finally rest TUT. Talk to ya'll later when i get my print up haha

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Done with ACEN and onto AnimeBoston! @_@''

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 6:08 AM

Good Bye Chicago!

Rather, Rosemont since ACEN isn't not actually in chicago proper XD. I didn't have many expectations for this convention because it's got a reputation for being slow, but it seems like everyone waited to sunday to drop their cash LOL. Which although ends up being fine, it's very stressful for artists since having a rocky start at a new con can be scary. Doing okay/well at ACEN makes me feel better about the rest of the con season though :).

I got to meet a lot of cool people and talk to people about feels. Not quiiite as talktative as past cons i've been too, but still plenty :D. I was sitting next to Shalie and we were hosted by the lovely AngelicRoyalty and LadyKate89 who made sure we had a blast during the con X3. I'm glad we went cause we got to make such nice friends!

I also had a layover in boston while coming from baltimore and I was on the same flight as SenshiStock LOL. We went on a little adventure to see if the AA room was open. It was incredibly confusing, filled with tunnels of heated-in-75-degree-weather doom and staff who had no idea what was going on ._. FUN. TIMES.

As always the support I get from attendees makes con trips so worth it, just hearing that people have seen my art before or that they never have but like it is wow~ I was also interviewed by a Chinese model/journalist Meiling jin so that was cool, even though i was not nearly as accompllished or pretty as her HAHAHA. And someone started crying when they saw my Scrapper print, I think that's the first time anyone has gotten what the print meant at a con without me explaining it. Most people haven't played skyward sword, or if they have the whole thing just didn't click OR they didn't see scrapper. Most people just see it's a master sword print. But this girl omg she saw it and then she saw scrapper and just had THE FEELS. Which is great because those feels are MY FEELS TOO that i tried to put into the art XOX FEEL PASSING!!! Bwaaaahhh o@

Helllloooo Boston!

But 1 CON DOWN, 4 more to go, 3 of which are back to pack! Anime Boston is next (Akon and Anext after that and then a break before AX), if you're coming to the boston area for AB please visit meeee:

I will be at table R19! Come say hi ^u^ I look forward to meeting all of youuuuuuaaaaaa alsoOOO If anyone wants to have dinner sunday night hit me up :3

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 15, 2013, 7:35 AM

Busy busy

Eternally apologetic for no updates and lack of art. But I'm busy enough that I'm closing commissions for the forseeable future (well the next like 3 months at least). Unless we've already personally spoken about commission work, I won't be taking anything new @_@. I'll make an announcement if I open them again.

Likewise it's also why i haven't posted any new icon yet, just no time to sit and make a new one /o\ SORRY. Icons are just currently discontinued with no replacement yet XD, so lucky you to everyone who have them right now XD

CLEARANCE: Medium Prints are 2 for $10!

I'm trying to get rid of my medium size print stock XD, so i've struck a deal for you guys, 2 for $10 with the code MED2FOR10. They are all printed on either hella nice photo paper or card stock, nice and thick! If you order more than two use the code MED5EA instead xOx.

If you saw buttons i posted earlier that you wanted just let me know too, i'm too busy/lazy to make a store entry for them.

Reworking my Diet

And in personal updates, tw:disordered eating/eating disorder, I've had to rework my diet because the last i dunno YEAR i've been eating too much. Not remarkably unhealthily, just too much because I have absolutely no restraint? LOL, as a result i've put on a few pounds (most people will not notice haha) that I don't need on my frame. It's not so much the weight as it is the fact that i've no regard for my portions and my general lack of exercise.  

Unfortunately it's very hard to separate a change in diet and exercise away from the "losing weight" mentality, i think many women can attest to this. We as a culture are SOOO stuck on losing weight as a measurement of our health, when it absolutely is not. So in my logical brain I know i should be doing this for my health, but my emotional brain I am struggling deeply with calorie counting and trying to not let this turn into disordered eating? Yesterday I only ate like 300 calories of actual food (mostly salad, broccoli and egg whites), and then blew about 700 calories on ice cream, twix, grapes and cheese sticks.

That's a problem. Because technically yes i fit in my caloric budget for the day, TECHNICALLY I'M LOSING WEIGHT but LOGICALLY I am NOT eating healthy. And although i can obviously SAY these things knowing the facts, changing how my brain wants to act and eat is another issue all together. So I dunno, I hope i can work my way out of it and try to eat more balanced. I'm not off to that great of a start, my breakfast was only 77 calories and I might spend the rest on sweets again @_@. WE'LL SEE LOL.

Sorry for the heavy crap, i'm just a egomaniac that likes to talk about myself (:. Don't worry, i won't die or anything, it just makes it easier for me to explain things even if it is to strangers. I hope i won't have to eat my own words XD

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Unsure, Anime Next + Button Previews + No Fanime

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 17, 2013, 12:36 PM

Anime Next

Okay i paid for my table at AnimeNext because they had a 3 day limit, like they'd give away my table if i didn't pay in 3 days.

But now i'm not sure if I wanna go cause

1. it's over 30 miles away from the nearest real air port (Newwark international), meaning it would cost like $55 in taxi fair each way. Why did they plan a con so far from an airport? Limiting growth?
2. I don't have a hotel to share with anyone yet or anyone i know in the area to crash with ):
3. I can't find any info about if it's worth it, it seems to be a locals only con which means there might not be enough attendance to break even?
4. I don't think any of my watchers or followers are in that area anyway so it's not like i'm going to meet any fans? XD

I wish i had more east coast friends to ask, I hope they do refunds if i decide against it >_< ACK!


Anyway a preview of some buttons i'm stocking this con season (wooh sakuracon!)

I'll upload all of them on DA when i actually get to making them XD

Fanime Vs. Anime Boston

Lastly due to the extreme tardiness of Fanime AA sign ups i am now confirmed to be going to anime boston. Scouting hotel rooms if anyone has space :3

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