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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 1, 2016, 8:33 AM

I realized this page still comes up at the top when you google my name so I just want people to know the best place to follow me for art is



MY TWITTER (if you enjoy shit posting)

I still periodically update this page but just not as much as the other two, sorry. The work to pay off ratio on dA is just really bad lol.


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 9, 2015, 9:57 AM

Katsucon Table s23

Come say hi if you're going!

I'll have my new zelda logo prints and all my new art i've been uploading too of course :D

Just come make a stunfisk sound at me please LOL

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale, Free shipping US

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 10:43 AM

Sale Ends Dec 1st!

Yea no one goes on DA anymore but eh should make an attempt to keep this updated lol

Click to visit!

I will stop shipping on the 21st, meaning I will not being doing any express shipping if you need items by christmas, get your orders in by the 19th for shipping on the 20th if you want it before christmas, but these deals end on the Dec 1st!

but otherwise yea, THE FRUITS OF MY LABOR if anyone is still on DA and not just FOLLOWING MY TUMBLR.

LAST CON OF 2014! AWA - Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 7:38 PM


Do you miss when i would post about stuff other than cons? LOL Well if you do you SHOULD just be following me on tumblr and twitter to be honest. It's much more conducive to casual interaction than DA >_<

Anyway, I will be heading to AWA con this weekend, here's my map and junk as usual!

And all my charms as usual weheh. Hope i'll see some of you guys there! My once a year trip down to Atlanta XD


Store Closing Tomorrow!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 7:09 PM

The Shattered Store Closing

I can't remember if i made an announcement post on DA, DA seems so dead lol where the heckles are you guys even? Anyway, no matter, my shop is closing tomorrow night (or tues morning) so finish up your labor day shopping!

The store will not be opening again till November, most likely!

There's a butt ton more prints in the shop and it's closing TOMORROW, SEPT 1ST so here's your last chance till november xOx.

See ya guys later, I'm much more active on tumblr and twitter unfortunately. DA just hasn't given me much return in almost any way these days lol.

Going to Otakon with new Charms! Table G-07 :)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:12 AM


Heyyy! For everyone headed to otakon I will be at table g-07, here is a handy dandy map~


I'll be bringing my usual prints and plus all my charms, and new ones that i shall show below!

Needless to say i will be bringing all the pokemon, mass effect and other charms as well :)

Hope i'll see some people there!

Friday Night Live Stream! OFF

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 5:09 PM

Live Streaming some fanart painting!

I would love if you could make an account to chat with me!

Come join in here:

Upcoming Schedule:

I try to stream every Friday, though con weekends are cancelled!
Aug 8th - cancelled due to otakon!
Aug 15th 8:30pm-11pm EST
Aug 22th 8:30pm-11pm EST

Stream Rules:
• Sometimes I/we talk about things that are inappropriate for younger audience members, including but not limited to sex, bodily functions, politics, etc. please feel free to exit the chat if you are not comfortable. Do not say how gross/confusing/stupid or whatever the current topic is.
• Please try to go with the flow of conversation, I know everyone wants to talk about something and we will get to it in time. Don't hijack if other users are trying to speak ^_^;

Does anyone WANT schedule live streams? Twitter??

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 6:18 PM

Scheduled Live Streams

So when i streamed this weekend I wasn't expecting anyone because I usually only get 0-3 people watching, but i did get a good amount this time and people were complaining because i didn't schedule them before hand. But my schedule is kind of weird so I never tried to. 

So now i'm gonna try, but I'm not gonna bother if people don't actually want to watch lol

If I were to do a schedule live stream, what day would you prefer? Tuesday night, Thursday night or a Friday/Saturday night? What time would you prefer (in EST)?

I wouldn't mind doing something like 7 or 8 till 10 or 11pm on tu/th or even later in fri/sat or afternoon on saturday, but i don't want to schedule things that no one goes to. 

Onto the next thing


I'm trying to use twitter more but I don't have any followers really so it seems kind of useless, how do you guys use twitter? Should i just be posting random funny things? I'm shattered_Earth but I don't understand the etiqutte of twitter, like I feel like most things i post there i would just post on my facebook instead where all my friends are?? Do i just need more followers to make it make sense? But why would  you follow me there if you already follow me on DA/Tumblr? Do you follow artists to get to know them better as people or just for more art updates?

Help!! any advice would be appreciated I'M OLD AND JUST LIKE TUMBLR I DON'T UNDERSTAND LOL</b>

Thank you for the DD! TuT

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 6:18 AM


A preemptive thank you this morning to everyone who's going to say congrats on the DD, and then a special thank you to FlyQueen for suggesting my tutorial and Elandria for featuring it!

It is quite outdated now, i regret not updating it like i kept saying i would but now it's too late, everyone will have to marvel at it's 1.. 2.. 3.. year old glory!!

The BASICS : Using References by Shattered-Earth

I cringe at the bad jokes and stuff now but at the time it seemed like a good idea LOL. See you guys at otakon in about a month <3 (Table g-07!)

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Break from Cons, Shop open till July 1st! CHARMS!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 6:13 PM

The Store is Open!

finally done with cons until Otakon! I haven't been uploading the charms i've been making to deviantart, but I have been making a lot of them and now  you can get them online until july 1st! 

I will probably upload these induvidually into my gallery over the next week, if i remember @_@. For now you should be able to click any of these and reach the store :)


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Yes I am going to be at AKON!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 7:36 PM

A-kon map!

so last minute but if you were looking for me I tried haha!

Click for more info about what I'll have

alrighty see you guys there eep!

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Yes I am going to be at AKON!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2014, 7:36 PM

A-kon map!

so last minute but if you were looking for me I tried haha!

Click for more info about what I'll have

alrighty see you guys there eep!

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Fanime MAP!

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 12:04 AM


Yup that's it here's my map, click through for more info :)

Sorry it's so late, literally gave it to us about 3 days ago LOL

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I will be at ACEN and Fanime! New Pokemon Charms!

Journal Entry: Wed May 14, 2014, 4:03 PM

New Pokemon Charms


They're like the mass effect ones i made a while back but.. pokemon! :D 

You can get them at the cons i'm going to, this weekend it's ACEN in chicago and next weekend Fanime in San Jose!

Fanime currently has NO MAP so .. please just.. do your best to find me T_T

Acen's map!

Hope i will get to see a few of your wonderful faces there this year :)

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Anime Booooostoonn + NEW CLEAR CHARMS!!! :D SO

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 17, 2014, 7:00 PM

Animu Boston

Guess what chicken butts? I'm gonna be at Anime Boston this weekend! I'll be like two hours late on friday but i'll be there so if you're coming COME SAY HIIIII I love meeting people : )))

I AM GOING TO EAT SO MUCH FOOD cause i'm bringing my boyfriend with me (it's his old college town) and i'm gonna make him deliver food to me >:3

Status Update

I hope people have been enjoying the art cons have made me do recently LOL, i have already started another picture that is a parody of The Kiss by Klimt except with link and zelda, it's on my tumblr but i expect i'll be here in a week or two mwaaha.

Hope everyone continues to do well, i miss being more active here but the less art i have time to post the less journals i want to post because i'm pretty sure it's annoying to see more journals from an artist than art LOL. it's my fault, i should be doing more art really. thank you for sticking with me and supporting me for those who've stayed!

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Pre-Order Operation Requiem, SNK Charity Artbook!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 4:21 AM

Operation Requiem

If you didn't know already Operation-Requiem has finally opened pre-orders for their art book, Click here to pre-order a book for yourself! I heard they are running very low on the higher tiers of preorders already haha. 

100% of the profit goes to Charity: Water which helps people all around the world have access to safe drinking water. A very important cause! So buy a book, donate to an important need and acquire an awesome artbook full of amaaazing artists. 

The full artist list can be found here 

There are a good number of ~popular~ and ~skilled~ artists on that list and this is a good chance to get a compilation of their un released SNK art work :O!

If you've already forgotten, here's my picture preview!
Operation: Requiem [SNK Charity Artbook] Preview by Shattered-Earth


See you guys later, I saw some of you at Katsucon this past February and I will be heading to Anime Boston in a few weeks. I will post a map to where i am soon, Table W101 for those extra curious!

I'm also working on a Twitch Plays Pokemon print right now so that'll be finished by sunday too 83

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The game i'm working on is finally out! :O + more

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 6:47 PM


So I already mentioned i've been kinda butt busy because of my job and conventions, well the game my work has been making is finally out on Steam Early Access, you can check it out there! 

Early Access means the game is still in an pre-alpha/alpha stage, meaning the game isn't finished and there are defintely some bugs. The UI is kinda poopy for example, but the heart of the game is still there. And yet there's still so much more to add @_@, like better combat and berry breeding! 

Still, I really hope people will check it out and see what's been sucking up all my time XD. I think it's a really cutie/addictive game @_@, I hope we'll be able to add all the content we want soon! The next big update is in february ahhhh. 

Here's some joke "fanart" i made for it too (ON MY OWN TIME, not affiliated with my company), just making fun of other game ads. ads that we would never ever use seriously. 
I'm so glad that's not the direction we are taking LOL! Those captains are in the game though, with more clothing and obviously non ridiculous poses XD. 

If you had any questions about the game totally ask too :)

THANKS for all the Birthday Wishes!

I feel bad because I'm just not around that much, I apologize if you feel like I suck for not replying to your comments but I am about to go do that right now TuTTTT Thank you to everyone who posted a birthday greeting!


I forgot what else I was going to write ahh crud, I guess that um, i dO post more sketches and stuff on my tumblr so if you had a tumblr and wanted to keep up with my shenanigans more frequently do be sure to follow that. Otherwise I have like 2 posters i'm finishing up hopefully before the end of the month that I need to upload :O

Catch you guys later, if i remember what the heck i was supposed to post in the first place... @_@

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Cyber Monday Sale! 20% off all orders + more!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 1, 2013, 2:52 PM

Cyber Monday!

Heyo just.. dropping in after a busy holiday to announce a holiday sale for anyone interested on DA!

So use the code CYBEROFF for 20% off your entire order, and if you live in the USA you get free shipping if your order is $30 or more :D

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season no matter how they celebrate. As for me.. I need to get back to work. I am so sorry I haven't been replying to comments ahhh /crud\. If you need to reach me for whatever reason I will always be on skype and such so you know how to get me if you need to *sorry ah*

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Apologies for no 30 Character Challenge event!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 4, 2013, 8:46 AM

30 Characters in 30 Days

Ahh I totally forgot I usually run a november 30 characters in 30 days challenge D: But if you couldn't tell from my inactivity i've been kind of busy and totally forgot to plan it this year! :(

This weekend we flew to LA for a wedding, but it turned into cray cray if you didn't see about the shooter on friday, the same day we were flying in. We just got our plans all jumbled up but still went to the wedding, came back in time last night to try and sign up for sakuracon, and then this thursday we're moving to a new apartment so there's a lot of packing and then unpacking to be done basically D: I would have done a really bad job of running the even if i tried to again this year.

I still want to remind people though that November is both Nanowrimo and the 30 character challenge for us visual artists! I highly encourage you guys to draw 30 new characters this month to stretch your artistic and creative musles! Try NEW things, experiment and take it has a great chance to explore diversity and variety!

The hallmark of a successful artist is discipline, if you've been slacking of your daily practice this is your chance to get back on the horse so to say, okay? We'll all try together!

I'm posting mine on my tumblr and if i succeed i'll do a compilation at the end of the month!

If you are participating as well, let me know :)! If you succeed, let me know too! I want to reward people but it might just be a feature at the end of november, but I can't feature people i don't know they're participating :D

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New Pokemon Incoming...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 11, 2013, 8:45 PM

Pokemon XY

 I'm sitting here waiting for midnight so i can rush to the eshop to download pokemon. I was going to get it via Amazon but their delivery date wasn't till the 17th even with prime shipping so i was like.. wow eff that >_>. Just gonna get it online midnight release. CAN NOT WAAAITTT. Only 15 minutes left, and then however long it takes to download!

I'm gonna pick the darker skin toned girl with dark eyes and then change my hair color asap to something fun and ahh and pick froakie and ahh just yea.. i may not sleep until i pass out from poke-exhaustion lmao.

oh MAN i wonder if i can transfer my pokerus'd pokemon ASAP and be hella OP!

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